RainDancer Electronic Shower

RainDancer®  -- the wonderful shower/massage system that functions like a whirlpool.

It massages!  It soothes!  It invigorates!  You have at your command 13 body sprays that are controlled electronically in five independent massage zones.  Select a constant spray or variable rate pulsation for any, or all, of the five zones.

Electronic Control Panel

RainDancer's electronic control panel gives you an accurate visual display of your water temperature and allows you to customize your bathing experience with the five shower massage zones.  Pressing the panel zone area releases the constant flow spray mode.  Leave your finger there a few seconds longer and the flow will change to a pulsating flow.  Customize your preference from a slow pulsate to a faster pulsate...all at the touch of a fingertip.

Thermostatic Temperature Control

The RainDancer shower utilizes a thermostatically controlled high volume temperature controller to assure accurate control of your bathing system.

Shower Cascade

Relax as the gentle overhead spray of the shower cascade caresses your head, neck and shoulders.

Shoulder Spray

Twin shoulder sprays gently massage your neck and shoulders to help relieve tension.

Lateral Body Sprays

Six lateral body sprays, three on each side, gently massage your body.  Each spray is directionally adjustable for your showering pleasure.  When placed in the pulsation mode, you experience a wonderful full body massage.

Handheld Spray

The handheld spray allows the freedom of more direct massage control.  Add pulsation and create your own personal hydro-massage.  The handheld is available either right or left handed on the unit.  The unit shown above is a right hand version.

Lumbar Massage

Three lumbar spray are strategically placed to gently massage your lower back and hips.  Choose either the constant spray or the invigorating pulsating mode.


Downloadable Brochure

Installation Instructions



Electrical Requirements:  120 volt AC / 15-20 amp GFCI dedicated circuit.

Plumbing Requirements:  3/4" continuous supply lines from the source for both hot and cold water inlets.  45-50 psi water pressure is required for optimal operation.  Unit may work on less flow and pressure, but the manufacturer makes no claims as to total performance under these conditions.